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Monday, June 04, 2018

Wilma 365 days around the Sun

First year of masters done! One might think that I have become a bit smarter, however I actually have lost plenty of brain cells. 
Sometime lose, always win!

Nobody got time to whine, let's now move forward and concentrate on the most important annual festival "Wilma 365 days around the Sun". This year I had a party before the real date, hence the post order. Also, let's embrace the fact that the older you get, the better you get, unless you are a banana.

I usually start my parties early, like afternoon or so, then all my busy friends can squeeze me into their busy schedules. Let's be honest, I have been a sucky friend, since I have ignored them the whole year, so I was pretty sure that nobody will show up. It turned up better than expected!
#blessed #OOTD #wokeuplikethis:

The party was dedicated to our alcohol leftovers, since all the 289 bottles could have been poured together into 3 bottles. All our cupboards, shelves and even bathtub were full of bottles.
 My king of cocktails was cooking liquid lunch all evening long:

I am very conservative and I do not like to break traditions.
Of course I had a quiz about myself, it's called "Best friend or unfriend".
Also, this time everyone had a chance to win, since Ottomar the Ultimate Winner was in Berlin:

Couldn't ignore the fact that Harry married Meghan,
the one that got away...:

He remembered that he left the stove on at home, 
but we were like "Let the mofo burn!":

Casually telling Valdo Jahilo jokes:

"Hello, I'm Nigerian princess, could you give me money"
(T-LO won the "Friend or unfriend" quiz and scored the fabulous T-shirt):

I love you guys, but I like gifts more:

My favourite bitches to bitch about bitches:

I am now old enough to realise these cakes will be 
just second on my lips
and lifetime on my hips:

Unintentionally demonstrating the flower sea my friends showered me with:

My favourite cake lady thought my Fred some yummy recipes
and now he is literally my sugar daddy:

Let there be ketchup on the table
and people are happy:

He came straight from Tartu,
his phone run out of battery,
he went to Circle K and asked the sales assistant to write me.
I went to search for him, we found each other, we did not want to let go:

"Best friend or unfriend" round 56
(Tableforrest got relly high points, super proud!)


I am made out of sugar and spice and everything nice:

This should be his Tinder profile picture
(he is a lean mean hugging machine):

I will always mess up their names and they love me still.

A wild potato appeared!
That early morning we were wondering if it was a random act or a gang sign:

Jump into the rubbish bin, no time to explain!


It was a bliss to fall asleep 6AM, when sun had already risen.
The party lasted 15 hours, and the headache lasted 15 hours more.
Here is a little Ibumetin commercial:

In case you were wondering this was the answer for "My favourite Eurovision song" question: 

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