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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Me, myself and I on my birthday

It was a beautiful spring day back in 1991, when my mama welcomed me into this world on backseat of a Žiguli. Yes, I was born somewhere on Tartu motorway. This explains why patience is not on my virtue list, on the contrary, I am always in a rush.

There is one day in every year, when I can stop being humble and post 18 pictures of myself in different angles, because surviving another 365 days around the sun needs some ego celebration.

I woke up like this. Seriously my lips are naturally that colourful:

You know those old ladies, who pose with their birthday flowers?
Yes, that's me now:

For me this corner was full of joy,
for Fred it was full of allergies.
Sometimes lose, always win:

THIS MELON IS ON FIRE (sing with Alicia Keys voice):

 Did not know that the picture was taken. Nevermind that I personally set up the timer and posed for this, 
I still claim that this was totally unexpected:

Despite the age, my hair growth on my head and legs is amazing:

Lilac is my favourite flower bush:

That moment when you look at Estonian Idol and all the contestants are born after year 2000...
Jaw dropper:

For my birthday I got this amazing activity watch! It analyses my sleep cycles and reads my pulse,
what a time to be alive!

Wilma is now 27, which means more expensive travel and life insurance.

That is one massive blood vessel on my hand,
120 ppm running though my veins:

Enjoy those rare moments of life,
when you can see your own toes:

High fashion is born only with full bladder:

Not afraid to show my dirty laundry:

A minute on my lips, a lifetime on my hips:

Another picture to Photoshop a penis on:

My ego let my blog husband Fred on the picture.
Now I can humbly say that this post was only 99,9% about me:

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