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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Midsummer Jaan & Jaanika at Jäneda

I wish I could say that I am like a sunshine that lights up the room. However, I am like nuclear disaster – I light up the room and then all the weird shit starts to happen. Mushrooms grow legs and people need doctor after they have met me. 

Every year the Midsummer forecast is the same – 
fun and tipsy, with a chance of drunk.

Every four years we get intensly excited over football 
and friends arrive to our summer cottage with TV in their hands:

The Traffic Light, new single out in June 2019.
Includes singles like "You better stop, before you hurt me" and "Go-go-go!":

The famous yoga pose "Welcoming the liquid dinner":


When small kittens try to play it tough:

3am we decided not to worry anymore
and become awesome instead:

I got emotional being so blessed to have such quality friends around me.

Everybody was walking home, somehow we stayed behind and 4am fashion was about to happen.
All the shit Tyra Banks ever thought us is here:

Our fashion tip number 1 is to have handbag big enough to fit a wine bottle:

Morning wood:

The ease you feel after having massively full bladder:

Next morning the heart was warm and the water was cold:

Bitches love flowers:

Heathens celebrating summer solstice:

Some make wreaths of flowers, some live bigger than others 
and make a proper hat, because size matters!:

No beauty sleep,
just naturally pretty:

When Jaanika accidentally found the perfect Jaan:

Scandinavian minimalism is the hottest trend around:

We are best friends forever, because we already know too much about each-other: 

Is it know too late to say that I peed in the sandbox, where all the gaming takes place?
Never too old:

The last ones standing/ lõpubossid:

The pictures were just a teaser, now comes the reality.
My Midsummer 2018:

NEVER FORGET! Midsummer 2017:

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