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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Few simple steps how to get shit done

something that I did or got after planning and working to make it happen, and that therefore gives me a feeling of satisfaction.

This is how I accomplished it.

1. I chose that creepy road that you see in the horror movies, 
while you hope that the main character would not take it. 

2. I sat down and looked out the window a lot.

3. Some moments were nice, but mainly there was a lot of shit produced.

4. I mean, a lot of shit was made, thus major toilet bowl appeared next to my house.

5. Then I had brighter thoughts and I even saw some hope.

6. Then I cried a little and said "I cannot do it".
My boys refused to listen me whining.

7. Time after time I procrastinated with Ross & Rachel: 

8. Used Šarik as therapy and told him everything. 
He was a good listener.

9. After ridiculous hours behind the computer they took me out for a walk.
My vision was blurry, my mood was shit, but they managed.


11. Took those bags under my eyes to the office as well. 
Let's just say that I will not win the best employee award this spring.

12. Unnoticeably the season changed. 
Kevad läks mööda nagu unenägu.

13. I got support system that is more loyal than I am worth:

14. I am sure he wants to go back to the shelter, 
because he just cannot take my shit anymore.

15. I took five minute break and showed that I care about the problematic political situation. 
"Fuck basic values, at least I have a cool thesis to show off in the end":

16. Dog trying to commit suicide after hearing my depression thoughts again:

17. Write, eat, panic and repeat.

18. Hand in thesis. Smile and walk away.

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