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Sunday, May 19, 2019

I'll see your Thailand and raise you Riga

I am a new person with lower pulse and wider smile. Fred and I decided to warm up our love life, that has been hibernating the past two years. To do so, we went to the capital of romance - Riga.

The skin's so bright, it burns your eyes.
Yes, I function as a reflector:

It still hurts him to think back to that one time when he got a speeding ticket in Latvia.
Even Mister Perfect fails:

I gave five star rating to my Uber ride:

We went all fancy and rented a place in the old town,
so home bar was just 10 seconds away:

Almost 28 and still not using make-up. The pimples and designer bags under my eyes are my best friends. Only thing I am sad about is that I have had glasses so long time, that people tend to forget how I looked without them. Saving money as we speak to fix my vision:

I forgot to add blue to my outfit,
in that case I would have look like Estonian flag:

Let's just have a moment to check the prices:

When I die, then please bury me in IKEA coffin DÖD:

Trying the spot all the amazing new stuff I could have in my home:

Straight to my birthday present!

She rollin', they hatin':

IKEA is just our thing. It brings back the funky memories while living in Sweden. It reminds us our very first own home. Sweet Jesus, we even spent our first wedding anniversary at IKEA. 
Thank you, Ingvar Kamprad for making us feel so good:

Look at this bloody adult enjoying her birthday present:


Spring brings new hope:

Littles gets aways ins Rigas withs mys husbands:

My powerful work crew:

So happy that Riga office welcomed me with open arms:

I even managed to pop by Helsinki the same week
and scored pretty graduation shoes
 (if I am not graduating, then I can collect my tears in them)

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