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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Memmede suvetuur 2020. Narva edition

Just like we fell in love with our class trips that were very diverse (that's a lie, we mostly went to Kuremäe convent), we continue to explore Estonia. Now being grown-up we left all the annoying people behind and only cool kids are allowed to come along. 
The tradition of Memmede suvetuur is alive and strong (we did domestic tourism before it was cool).

First stop SILLAMÄE

How to make fabulous pictures? Think about menstrual cramps:

How to make more fabulous pictures?
Show your underwear to the world and something good can come up from it:

Looking back on those times when we could do all our youth shenanigans 
without smartphones documenting it:

Next stop NARVA

At the hotel we got -10% local nightclub voucher.
While we were deciding whether we should use it and stay up past 9PM (AK time),
T-Lo just gave up:

Trying to get rid of those bat-wing arms:

Some stick-between-your-legs exercises:

Of course the lionesses are giving the male lion some bunny ears:

The local pussy enjoyed life:

I love cats because of their indifference towards me:

The most adventurous we get is travelling to another region with slightly different fast food
(it's a lie, we still went to Hesburger and pissed on local speciality):

Our maffia group would be wicked, mean and nasty:

This house is cool,
but we are more bouncy castle type:

I try so hard to be part of the group,
but the result is mass of ass picture and me running:

My biggest regret is that I do not speak Russian
and that I do not have "I love Narva" T-shirt:

The cocktail expectations: 

The water reality:

Babes after dark:

Sweethearts in the morning:

It was a two star hotel until these three stars arrived:

Of course we did not use the -10% local nightclub voucher,
instead we invested 10 € in bitchin' Kreenholm tour:

There are signs and then there are my favourite signs:

If only you would realise that I will now give you n+1 random pictures of Kreenholm
until the end of this blog post:

The shade that comes from Mother Russia:

I don't know why, but when I read Russian out loud
I sound like a retarded kid:

Know your limits:

Once it was one of the biggest textile manufacturers in Europe
and now it is just a ghost down: 

I followed the signs and food I found.
Michelin level:

Hello Mother Russia:

All the bridges have been burned between Estonia and Russia:


A glimpse of patriotism or we just like to rub massive poles:

Probably a lot of cameras were watching us:

Too cute for this rebel scenery:

She has more sass for this environment:

Biggest abandoned porn lover:

Machines so heavy and vibrating that extra support system was built to these factories:

The real estate ad would say:
"Nice central home needing some small fixes":

Bed on wheels seems the most useful invention ever:

The dam that diverts Narva river to Russia and Eesti on kuival.
Of course Russia has the main lever to control this barrier:

The view where once 12 000 people worked and river bed was full of water:

"я собираю фантикй" she said and it made them think:

It felt just like class trip. Some were eager to listen, because they thought they will be graded afterwards.
And some stayed far behind and smoked, because they just didn't care.

Big building:

Much windows:

In the end of our trip we visited Guess and Chanel stores:

And I found something I could be on the cover of Vogue with:

Memmed took Narva by surprise and fell in love with Fama centre:

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