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Monday, August 03, 2020

Wilma Circus in July

I make one picture every day without any good reason. 
Let me introduce you the 
Wilma Circus calendar of July 2020

1st of July
Mother-in-law had a birthday and I hid in the garage:

2nd of July
Felt like running away when I realised that these dots on my dress
look like animal print:

3rd of July
That flip-flop girl faking that she belongs to high heel world:

4th of July
I'm a trashy bitch but I do recycle my bottles:

5th of July
Locked myself out of my home and went to Hesburger to cry a little.
But I recovered fast, since Halloumi burger made a comeback and I had an food orgasm:

6th of July
I cleaned my closet for several hours and as a reward he made me fly:

7th of July
I had only 5 hour sleep and it turned me into Donald Trump.
Talk about ugly sleep:

8th of July
Tried to put some sparkle on that dull day
by drinking raindrops and making remote control pictures:

9th of July
I had afterwork with colleagues
and went all Karen on my Uber driver:

10th of July
Invested my extra time off from work
to do my spring cleaning in July:

11th of July
Covid-19 restrictions are getting looser and I am running out of excuses to meet people,
so I turned into Pringles & Game of Thrones while Fred and Ott were playing drums in the next room:

12th of July
Greenhouse gases and I:

13th of July
Statue dedicated to people that showed up to work on Monday:

14th of July
Eating some calories with the company of Rupaul:

15th of July
Fred came back home and we had date night on the beach
and our crack was filled with sand:

16th of July
Life changing decisions stunned me for a second.
Adult life is fucking scary:

17th of July
Headache that feels like sharp spinning fan blade hitting the head.
Also that double chin just showed up, so it was not my day:

18th of July
Memmede Suvetuur being фабулоус at Sillamäe:

19th of July

20th of July
Questions again all my life decision and
made a public service announcement about me, myself and I:

21st of July
Had my crazy showing again and tried to tuck that back in:

22nd of July
When I am alone, I do not piss off other people.
However in a group I tend to make people mad, because they don't appreciate my selfies:

23rd of July
Slower than a speeding turtle:

24th of July
Pic in a pic in a pic in a pic:

25th of July
Home alone and I let the darkness eat me up:

26th of July
After intense stag weekend he still had the will to take me out for a spin:

27th of July
Summer has peaked, my belly button was out:

28th of July
I love rain pattering since it sounds like frying bacon:

29th of July
Went to the gym, ate some chia seeds and read some amazing self help book:

30th of July
I don't worry about the future, I take one anxiety attack at a time:

31st of July
New glasses? Who dis?
Last working day? What dat?
Karl 30? Dat old?

Extra 100
The dream if I would appear on Paradise hotel TV show:

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