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Thursday, July 29, 2021

#armastuseHääl ♥ Käsmu

Long time no marathon post. Long time no reason to wear something without breast milk stains. It was an absolute honour the be part of 


There's almost 8 billion people in the world and
 these two found each other.
*embrace yourselves the amount of Taukar content is too damn high.

You know when it starts,
but the ending is up to you:

Our friends thought that we will only be attending the ceremony,
because with a newborn baby it is impossible to continue living life:

Little did they know that we rented Grandma 2000 Deluxe Service.
Yes, my mom took care of the baby during the evening, night and morning
(because her heart is golden):

It was an absolute bliss to blow off dust from my high heels:

In 2012 Cupid shot an arrow at them and BOOM they fell in love:

The Pine Forest Boys:

Homage to Latvia Olympic gold medal:

No psycho ex interrupting during "speak now or forever hold your peace" moment like you see in the movies.
Just simple lovely "I do" and the hormonal me cried:

It rained a bit, but the sun came out exactly when they said "I do"
Coincidence? I think not:

Look at these tiny legs that have to bear my overweight body:

Glasses were raised and "Cheers" was shouted:

It's a perfect day to receive tonnes of hugs:

The timeline of #armastuseHääl:

Like Oprah giving out free stuff
"YOU get a hug!"

"And YOU get a hug. EVERYBODY gets hugs":

Life's too short to be wearing black boring suits:

he haz them:

The Captain looks after us:

If you feel tired, then think about the guy in the background
who had a surgery the day before (and the hero is standing up):

I am so glad that I married this sexy beast:

This is no McDonald's Happy Meal,
this is Käsmu Fancy Meal:

We tried to form a gang once,
but it turned into a book club:

Let the drums do the talking:

The bride, the groom and Hugo:

Although I fed Pebbles after every third hour,
it was an absolute bliss to be away from her and enjoy other joys in life:

Fancy clothes, champagne and Mölkky:

One of them is single and reserving himself to Mila Kunis:

We are the coolest kids at the playground:

He rolled his eyes so hard that he saw his own brain:

The secret service:

Fred just realised that his baby mama is one hot piece of ass:

Cute as a button:

Even our nostrils were full of joy and happiness:

Look at this non alcoholic beverage lover:

lambi pilt:

During that evening I laughed so much
that my nonexistent abs started to reveal themselves:

The Father (-in-law) and The Mother (-in-law):

First I was sad that 99% of my wardrobe didn't fit me.
Then I was like "Fuck it" and acted like the cover star of Maternity Vogue:

Their first dance was so sexy that I blushed a little:

And then the King Entertainer entered the room:

Ei tee suuri plaane, kui kokku saame,
siis sõidame:

Oli hämar tuba paksult rahvast täis,
seal iga teine õnnelikum näis:

naera naera, see öö
läheb mööda kuid ei unune:

Vali kas paar ööd magamata
Või pool elu jääb elamata:

Vahel tundub veider
Kuid su mõttest aru saan:

kaua kaua olen ma
teinud tööd aeg on elada
liiga kaua samad näod
käes on aeg teele asuda:

Sa ida ma lääs
Sa tuli ma jää:

nii nädalatest väänad välja
seitse pühapäeva
sest siis kui
sõbrad on koos, sõbrad on koos:

See on siililgi selge
end liimiks su külge:

kui seisad selg vastu seina
ja püüad väljapääsu leida:

Tähti täis on öö,
see meid haarab
ja meeletusteks annab põhjuseid:

After 16 000 steps some sugar was needed:

Praying the Baby God that Pebbles is sleeping
and granny wouldn't call us:

The perfect match:

Käsmu is truly heaven on earth:

The family picture:

I'm now in my thirties, so I need some warmer clothes and hot tea to survive the night:

"Someday I'd like to be your emergency contact person" - done & done:

Epic sax guy has nothing against these two:

The most amazing travelling trophy:

The idea of the travelling trophy was to be part of the Taukar band
and hit it so out of beat as possible:

You can buy his concert tickets
but it will never beat the amazing vibe that wedding celebration and friendship creates:

It must be lonely to be that tall:

And this happened. It was awesome:

One last drink before sweet dreams:

#armastuseHääl recharged my batteries so I started floating on air:

When life gives you golf carts then just sit back and relax:

Thank you #armastuseHääl. Thank you M&E, it was an absolute honour!
Love makes the world go round.

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