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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Wilma Circus in July 2021

This might be the toughest period in my life, 
but I still managed not to repeat a single outfit.
My kind of therapy.

*apologies for the baby content, but it's seriously the one and only thing 
happening in my life at the moment

1st of July
Summer is all about leave-your-pants-at-home:

2nd of July
Fridays are for leaving the local neighbourhood.
Good friends get pregnant together, give birth together and bitch about motherhood together:

3rd of July
Turning green from jealousy,
I'm envying those who are fit enough to wear 100% of their wardrobe:

4th of July
My personalities are so split that I go alone in the group therapy:

5th of July
My family said I could be whoever I want
and I turned into a walking bed:

6th of June
The moment granny takes the baby out and the door closes behind them:

7th of July
Perfect moms eat Hesburger for breakfast and Perekool for dinner:

8th of July
My amazing self gave Fred the evening off so he could go to a concert.
The lion cub at home had a concert on her own and the lioness enjoyed it very-very much:

9th of July
Fridays are all about leaving Pebbles with Fred and
"Just run away to the stars
just run away 'til you're high enough":

10th of July
Wearing whatever makes my breasts most accessible:

11th of July
Beautiful lady with a beautiful dress that has beautiful poop stains on it:

12th of July
Quite impossible to drop off these extra kilos:

13th of July
Our asses are jealous of all the shit that comes out of our mouths

14th of July
The tongue twister:

15th of July
We cannot wait the day when we can drink WITH our kids,
instead of because of them:

16th of July
Hot mom summer:

17th of July
A little Leibur Piimik brings all the friends to the yard:

18th of July
Bucket hats
and boiling thermostats:

19th of July
How many days can we spend on this blanket?

20th of July
A day when doctor checked my postpartum body and mind.
Decision: may you quickly recover from these challenging times and
maybe one day you will find mental balance and your abs:

21st of July
Second dose of C-19 vaccine.
May the hot girl summer begin!:

22nd of July
My appearance screams that I didn't have any errand to run in the city that day.
Just some water melon business:

23rd of July
When all alone with the baby a record long time,
then let the clothes do the talking (smiling deep-deep-deep-deep inside):

24th of July
Nobody got time to iron clothes nor cut off price tags:

25th of July
On this day the strike of the most amazing period of 2021 started.
It began with baby madness:

26th of July
I'm here thinking about how unfortunate the band name Swingers is
and how I have turned into a huge chubby rasberry:

26th of July continues
Caressing his pussy:

27th of July
The happiness is sponsored by spontaneous AirBnb:

28th of July
Floating on sleep deprivation and summer happiness:

29th of July
#armastuseHääl gave me a reason to blow dust off from fancy heels
and enter into wedding glamour:

30th of July
The day after.
Granny took care of the kid and the parents had time of their lives:

31st of July
Internation Koorekiht day
another 365 days of bestest Karl:

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