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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Totside jõulud / Holiday lasses 2021

No penises are allowed, interesting powerpoint presentations are optional and good mood is a must. 
Hello, the long lost tradition, totside jõulud.

 This year the holiday lasses got upgraded to momager edition.
Kris Jenner got nothing against us:

Glitter is my favourite colour and dressing up is my heroine:

The G-force stays minute on your lips,
and lifetime on your hips:

1. We don't need men to open our sparkling:

2. We can do it on our own:

3. It just takes 30 minutes and non-existent muscles:

My friends are hot pieces of asses:

Beauty sleep is not enough to get into her level,
you need beauty coma:

Blue daba-diba-duba-aaaa:

She's perfect.
Without photoshop. Without hazy filters:

Our first world problems got all solved:

They ask if we want another child.
Before we can answer, our uteruses jump out of our bodies and run straight under a train: 

Our superpowers = bleeding without injury and making boneless things hard:

Cheers for keeping it classy:

Classy, sassy and a bit smart assy:

Until next year!

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