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Friday, December 31, 2021

Wilma Circus in December 2021

Two years straight, 731 days, I have taken pictures of myself.
No deeper point to find, but I will continue.

I take my New Year's resolutions WAY too seriously.

1st of December
Hands up those who have been eating solid foods two months straight.
Next stop = getting drivers license and moving out:

2nd of December
Life's fantastic,
when the whole floor is covered with plastic:

3rd of December
In our hood we wear hoods:

4th of December
The kid is shopping at IKEA.com and adults are too tired to stop the junior interior designer:

5th of December
Introduction class to White Powder:

6th of December
Frozen pee and steaming poo:

7th of December
Leaning on the ironing board but not using it (my wrinkles don't lie):

8th of October
Selecting outfits for magical photoshoot.
99% of buttons and zippers not closing:

9th of December
Working nightshifts:

10th of December
Inflatable mattress + moving into the living room = Formula 1 final weekend:

11th of December
Running home from grandfather's birthday 
just to see the love story of Max and Lewis:

12th of December
"Do I have the drink or not?"
Honouring the world champion Max with some Oatly choco-milk:

13th of December
I'm very sorry mama,
but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet:

14th of December
The prison break:

15th of December
My mind is telling me YOGA,
but my body is telling me NO-duh:

16th of December
When the cleaning company is doing magic at home,
I walk to my Kopli Lady:

17th of December
New Christmas tree and awesome holiday spirit
delivered by the Müürivahe family:

18th of December

19th of December
Spoiler alert: fittingly the baby found her way out on 31st of Dec:

20th of December
The babies, the brothers & the Wilma:

21st of December
The hetero Christmas holidays:

22nd of December
Wake up sleepyheads and get your dose of sun
(three minutes exactly and it was gone):

22nd of December continues
Bored and boardgames:

23rd of December
First Christmas party behind us and we were overwhelmingly tired:

24th of December
"No gifts, please"
"Yes, we hear you, no gifts"
*arrives with tonnes of gifts*

25th of December
Third Christmas party and my mind/body was already struggling:

26th of December
Not pregnant, just fat:

27th of December
Our Christmas wish is that Santa does not see out browser history: 

28th of December
The closest we will get to skiing trip in the Alps:

29th of December
"Forget about boobs, I saw the golden circles":

30th of December
Very sad. Very anxious. Lowest of the lows:

31st of December
The first one = smell testing the new deodorant
The second one = the disco yawn

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