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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Circus Tour in Switzerland, France and Germany – first trip without Pebbles

In my last post the wedding weekend happened. But actually we made a longer trip out of the occasion  Wilma & Fred left Pebbles behind. And had a blast without her. I mean, I love my kid, but it was nice to miss her, because I never do...since she is always around.

This is the story of Circus Tour in Switzerland, France and Germany. The story of magical mountains, blissful hotel service and lovely grown-up time.

The pink panther at Tallinn Airport:

The groom picked us up at the airport.
Fred and I look like we have had few drinks too many,
but Julian's ridiculously handsome smile is there even after dark:

Arrived at the cutest little village hotel.
The next moment we jumped into the big fluffy bed:


Ain't no mountains high enough,
ain't no grape yard big enough: 

Current destination: Germany
Destination in 5 minutes: Switzerland:

Spring had sprung:

I'm lost in life, does that count?

Hello, Basel! 
The first glimpse of expensive Swiss air:

If something was in bloom,
 the madame wanted a picture:

Vacation. Away from work. Away from kid. Away from winter.
Loving it:

Do we really have to picture EVERY flower?

Picking the perfect bicycle trailer to buy.
Planning to sell our car and go crazy:

Venetian vibe all the way:

Look at this bloody tourist walking into the Tea Room on the main square.
 Confiserie Schiesser established in 1890.
Wilma Circus established in 1991.

I love tea as much as Fred loves whisky:

No dogs allowed, 
but a lot of weed aroma very much allowed:

Talked about life,
walked 22 000 steps,
it was ZUPAH:

It looks like I'm wearing a religious gown,
but with a rebel attitude:

I felt pretty, SO pretty, SO pretty:
Fred felt so bored, SO bored:

This plant will decorate my future country house, thank you:

Hello, sexy!
What's your name, what's your number:

This will be my future country house, thank you:

You can truly tell that I live under a rock where winter never ends.
ALL pictures, I took, are in bloom:

With my emergency contact:

Madame arrived back at the hotel: 

The next morning.
On the left = my mood when hungry
On the right = my mood after few bites:

We rented a car and drove to Swiss mountains.
As Fred puts it: the closest he will ever get me to a ski trip:

Somewhere lost.
All the sheep had bells and it was a proper orchestra out there:

Lost my gondola virginity:

At the top of the mountain there was thick snow. So we took a cosy tea break.
And I felt like yodelling:

I believe I can fly,
I believe I can touch the sky:

Nice back yard you have there:

Enjoyed the view and ate some Berliner doughnut:

Even the mailbox says MOOO:

The we drove to France,
because why not:

The traffic was so much worse in France, 
but we didn't let the mood get down:

French know their food:

Aaaaaand then we drove to Germany.
The amount of "Welcome to..." SMS-es was getting ridiculous:

Freiburg and the church that survived II World War:

Next morning.
Me skipping to the breakfast. Did I tell you that I love hotel brekkie?:

Fred left his allergy medicine at home.
But the allergy-free me took the pollen all in:

The Sound of Music vibe:

Hiked a bit in the Blackwoods.
Did some romance there:

Bitchin' picnic spot:

I even bought some hiking clothes for this,
I'm truly adulting:

Acts like on top of the world,
actually is so so so scared of falling down from the cliff:

A shower later, I changed my sweats into a dress.
The wedding weekend started!

She took the lead to introduce everybody.
It was a cocktail of people all around the world:

Even Gustaf too his first trip abroard:

The rehearsal dinner:

Okei, nice love festival.
But I'm still just taking photos of the dog:

Arrived back to the hotel.
Just a seconds after the photo, we broke a lemonade glass bottle
and the whole hotel thought we were drunk as hell:

Next day it was the wedding day.
Take a look at the blog post about it.

Day after the wedding.
We were sleepy and I had a leg cramp from dancing,
a sing of a good night:

Took the last kilometres with our rental car:

In tea we trust:

And then I took my private plane back home:

Thank you Julian and Marit 
for giving us the reason to have such a lovely time.
See you soon in whatever country that will be!

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