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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Hochzeit / bryllup / wedding of Julian & Marit

In March 2013 I got the honour to meet Julian at a Lucy Rose concert. Actually we recalled this historical fact just three days ago. Instead we were sure that we met at a drunken party (youthful haze and thereof). But our story is so much cuter than that.

But wait, this German gentleman is source of cute stories. Years later, when we became colleagues and shared again the Stockholm ground, Julian had a moment. He told me that he was bored and wanted to travel. Randomly SAS had a ridiculous Chicago get-away offer. 
He never had been there + low price = no plan, but plan.

Julian boarded the plane. A Norwegian girl Marit also boarded the plane. And a Hollywood movie script was born.
(They are phenomenal travellers, in 2018 they even visited Tallinn.)

Fast forward. The couple with exceptional Christmas cards decided that they want to live happily ever after. And they honoured Fred and Wilma with an invitation!  

As this was our first baby-free trip alone, we took the most out of it and arrived several days earlier. Switzerland, France, Germany – but those thousand pictures I will share in my next post. 
First things first: kjærlighet

Small villages everywhere, our hotel was in the neighbouring one. 
We lowered the average age there and small town learned our self-timer skills:

My first church wedding.
I was ready for experience full of chills and echoes, 
but got a cosy little spring vibe instead: 

I promised I wouldn't cry,
but I released the waterfalls as soon as I saw Marit tearing up:

Love the baffled aunt,
who would not drop her phone by any means:

He likes what he sees:

The two magnets attract:

The moment the church choir played Elvis (bigger than God):

Instead of "I do"
the German version sounded "JAAA, fefjaggözzgzögzzouf"

The kissy-kissy:

Damn girl! Smizing straight to the camera:

Bye, bye living in sin.
Hello, happily ever after:

The baby found out that the church choir also played Taylor Swift:

The little girl is downloading the idea "Who I want to be in the future".
Probably a Disney Princess Medical PhD like Marit:

Spring has sprung:

JAAA ZUPAH! Das da fämily:

Joo-juu. Dæs dæ fømily:

Every wedding I soak up with ideas. 
This time the bridesmaids killed it with speeches.
My bestie is getting married next year, definitely stealing some ideas:

Probably remembered a funny night out while in Boston Uni:

Best man. The bestest man:

Girls just want to have FUNdamental rights:

"Soon you will get on the dance-floor and 
show us your rad moves": 

*Insert inappropriate mail-ordered bride joke here*

We colour combined an Estonian flag. 
How patriotic of them!:

I always wanted to create the Sound of Music meme:

We got tits
and we got wits: 

Sorry about the boob hair,
I forgot to shave:

I told them that I don't drink alcohol anymore.
They thought it's an anecdote, so I played along:

Bridesmaids speeches.

The best man got hugs, since he made history!
No cringe nor lame elements were found in the best man's speech. 
The curse is broken:

Planning when she could meet Pebbles:

Another takeaway for the future. 
Powerpoint by parents. With all the slide effects from 00's:

Julian, fast and furious with the glasses.
Bless the parents for creating this gold:

The contact lenses and bow tie is gone.
It's time for some serious business:

The prettiest and the most stylish one (after Marit of course):

Give me Spice Girls or cancel the wedding:

Her father is called Thor.
The most powerful man in Scandinavia:

The shoes are of, 
but Cinderella stayed at the party:

Give me photo-booth or cancel the wedding:

The wine cellar turned into nightclub "Dungeons and Dragons":

The 90s kids, need 90s hits:

The sight is blurry the night is young:

KISS "I Was Made for Lovin’ You":

The chandelier was sweaty:

Surprised no one fell down from the stairs seen in the background:

Taylor Swift "Shake It Off"

Til slutt er det bare kjærlighet:

This is an example how we did NOT look like the next morning.
Bless the puffy eyes at the hotel buffet. 
And all thoughts and prayers to the ones that had to check out at 10AM:

The mood notes:

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