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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Wilma Circus in April 2023 – bye, bye Krissu Rosenkampf-Jägerfreund

Wilma went on Circus tour and travelled in April to France, Germany and Switzerland. And saw her friend getting married. How international! The first trip without Pebbles was adorable and Fred & I fell in love again.

In April we lost a golden star – Krissu Rosenkampf-Jägerfreund. He will be greatly
missed. Õnne lost a legend.

These were the major events in April.

Before I didn't event notice kids' corners at restaurants.
Now I cannot live without:

Owning the ugly hairdo:

Easter grumpy faces:

Cleaning out my closet:

Classy poop round:

Pebbles on wheels:

Fashion accessory = poopy bag:

Look, same day and same leg pose. 
Very original:

Damn, I like to look back, 
because I'm one hot piece of ass:

Family testing cargo bike fun:

Red neck, howdy!

The circle of vadž:

Let's enjoy spring in Estonia they said.
*wearing 10 layers of clothing*:

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