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Thursday, December 28, 2023

House 10 karaoke

There's a new kid on the block – Von Krahl is dead,
long live House10. There's private rooms to rent and you can sing as loud & proud as you want. 

Not a single sore throat will come between 
Zara Larsson's Lush Life and me. 

Laulurahvas! EESTI! EESTI!

Last supper before karaoke:

Snacks and tracks:

The first room was called Circus.
Wilma felt like home:

We didn't even have time to take our jackets off,
when Ian was already onstage willkommening us:

Liis Lemsalu serves us well:

The ultimate manager was tired of being behind the scenes.
She became the #1 star:

Houdini & *poof* it's gone: 

The carpets so clean, the mind so dirty:

One up the bum, no harm done:

He is out of fucks to give:

It's our renaissance: 

And just like that the microphones run out of batteries.
No worries, the manager got us a VIP room to continue in:

She usually kills paparazzis:

Too heavy for one hand:

A big round of applause for Krissu,
who took over my camera:

The VIP room was very mossy:

The pussy cat claws:

Clap like a queen:

Adele? Beyonce? Estelle? Ines?
They all are there:

Karaoke is a true sport,
one must rest a little in between:

Work bitch!

In here we're superstars:

The hand is gracious: 

The most beautiful sink we've ever seen,
so we covered it up:

The only customers in the House10:

3h of sipping Martinis:

Thank you Ian for getting us together twice a year:

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