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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Totside jõulud / Holiday lasses 2023

2017, 2018, 2021, 2022 – one-off events are so yesterday, traditions excite me so much more. The world may fall apart, but Totside jõulud with excessively overflowing glamour and outstanding
 powerpoint presentations are the centre if we spin away.

Friendsmas at its finest:

Cotton candy + tonic = the most instagrammable drink ever:

Few moments later, we're still making social media content:

She bangs, she bangs.
Oh baby, when she moves, she moves:

The circle of vadž, 
we educate each other with Powerpoint presentations:

"Are you ready for group pictures?"

This one I picked, because only Paula noticed the glitter ball on the floor:

This one I picked, because we are working like rent is due tomorrow:

This one I picked, because Epp & Gerda have this cute kawaii vibe:

This one I picked, because the angles are just right:

This one I picked, because we dare to smile:

This I picked, because "Everybody move":

This I picked, because we're loose cannons:

This I picked because of me:

Igor brings us 2024:

7 + 2:

Humble queen:

See you in 2024:

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