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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Näiteka reunion

Theatre school had a very big impact on my life. To this day I have close friends that I found from Näitekas. Nevermind the ex-boyfriends and more drinking than should be allowed. 
Also, that's the place where I learned to speak up. Never silent, always thinking, never waiting for any praise.

Long live Maret & Toomklubi!

This is how the day started:

The grand old lady, but does not age a single bit:

Look how diverse emotions we can show:

This how it ended the day after.
Still at Ian's. Iconic:

Let's bring out the memory lane:

Us, in Moscow 2008:

The queen and the bunny:

L.V. and dead braincells:

The weirdest and strongest bond:

We were the best, fuck the rest:

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