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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Annual tradition: Ian's special day in Haapsalu

Delayed post is delayed, however Italy was so eventful that I completely unplugged myself from the World. 
Nevertheless my little bro had a birthday and we didn't want to ruin the tradition so we took the bandwagon to Haapsalu. Check last years post (click).

Meet Ian, he is smart, sexy and single 
(and ready to mingle):

I picked the birthday boy up with a car full of balloons. 

Since Ian lives in London and is rarely in Estonia,
then driving through his grandmother's place before Haapsalu was a must.
Little "blueberry pickin' and wood lickin'":

Wööööörk those Wellington boots!:

They both had a flashback from the year before,
when a crazy cat lady made a legendary appearance at Ian's birthday.
Sadly this year the invitation got lost in the mail:

Closest we have ever been to Rummu quarry,
a little selfie before we go-go:

Next stop Haapsalu.

Summer cottage glam while gazing the bag of crisps:

Oh, the ceiling looks absolutely fabulous:


Trying to remember when was the last time I shaved my legs:

The happy kid who got an early Christmas present from Spain:

Ian + I = random photoshoot (and it has been like that from the beginning of time)

The dream team:

Last year it was like 20 degrees warmer, 
the winter is coming:

The struggle was real:

Haapsalu, my love:

Met up with auntie Dietrich:

Some prawns were eaten...

...some vodka shots were taken:

The morning after, when the wasps were conquering the house,
it was perfect time to leave Haapsalu once again.
Next year, same time!

I'll just leave this 2008 here...

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