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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Annual tradition: Ian's special day in Haapsalu. 2020 edition

I have nothing original to say, so I will quote myself from 2015 (and will continue to do so years to come, tradition is a tradition):

He was this annoying little spoiled and insecure boy. He made up a story that his house was surrounded by a protecting layer, so nobody would come to steal his computer games. He farted a lot and had a near death experience because of that. He was a regular at McDonald's, so he would get occasional free burgers and was called by his first name by the employees. We've made tonnes of photoshoots in her mother's closet until he realised it was time to come out from the closet and move to London. 

In August we have a tradition to spend Ian's birthday at Haapsalu.
and let me now present you 2020:

I told a joke and Ian did not get it, 
Katrina didn't either, but she politely laughed:

To the left, to the left:

That ass brings all the boys to the yard:

And then she looked to the right, HOW ORIGINAL!:

'Cause if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it buy your own jewelry that you like:

Out of 10 points, 
show with your fingers 
how you would grade service level of this restaurant:

Duck face was on point, 
but I forgot to squeeze my boobs together:

There's always light in the end of the tunnel:

The genes are almighty in his family:

I stepped on the stage and tried to be one with the flowers.

When camera approaches, the two fingers pop up:

You cannot fake cute, it's a lifestyle:

Night is dark and full of terror,
but not in Haapsalu, not with friends:

Embrace the skin you are in:

OR embrace the nun within and don't show any skin:

Summer called and said that she will be logging off soon:


Connect the spots:

Grandpa looking after swimming kids:

Face down, ass up!

"Put your hands where I can see them, kids":

"Don't hate, meditate" (a quote from a smart lady in Prisma):

I can't believe you got a fake tan 
instead of putting in the hard work of laying outside for several hours:

Värska rulez, Borjomi sucks:

Evening glamour:

Evening cute:

This jacket is a sad reminder that I killed a bird the day before.
I am a murderer:

Paparazzi surprises from behind...:

...but is spotted soon thereafter:

The face I have when I ask borrowed money back with interest:

He just realised that he became 26 and he is not eligible for youth ticket anymore: 

Thank you for being a friend!

Haapsalu Fashion Week street style:


Coop & Säästukaart:

We don't need knight in shining armor, 
we will ride into the sunset ourselves:

Midge just flew into his mouth:

The last days of vacation
Easy, breezy, beautiful. Covergirl.

Love his eyes, love his smile, love how he is all grown up:

Haapsalu is heaven on Earth:

The rare sight of mermaids:

Too blessed to be depressed (will get back to that in Tallinn):

I have heard that girl with giant hands, have seen a big dick:

Roses are red and sky is blue,
just sit back and enjoy the view:

Self-timer captures great moments:

Enjoy a random picture of a random flower,
because I have summer in my heart:

The boy is flying so high that he single handedly saves the legacy of this country

I would rather lay down than do anything sport related:

The afternoon chill:


Just lay back and relax:

Some read, some fly high:

Time to go back to Tallinn.
Hugs and kisses, see you in 2021:

May this tradition last forever.

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