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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Annual tradition: Ian's special day in Haapsalu

Who is Ian?
"He was this annoying little spoiled and insecure boy. He made up a story that his house was surrounded by a protecting layer, so nobody would come to steal his computer games. He farted a lot and had a near death experience because of that. He was a regular at McDonald's, so he would get occasional free burgers and was called by his first name by the employees. Somehow I became so fond of him and stuck around. We've made tonnes of photoshoots in her mother's closet until he realised it was time to come out from the closet and move to London."

Do you know how traditions are made? 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 
Every year Ian brings us together.

I have a history in making selfies from this mirror (link):

Haapsalu house has more style than Paris Fashion Week:

Hello, new lens! I finally can catch this room in one picture:

Me explaining,
others dying from boredom:

If only I would have Tinder, then this would be my profile picture:

Married woman and a gay man walk into a bar...: 

He always has my back:

I just ate a watermelon, can you tell?:

Instead of puking, screaming and driving off drunk,
we drank tea and had mellow quality time:

"Quick! It's 12°C outside and sunscreen is a must!"

The young and the restless:

The bold and the beautiful:

You say Haapsalu, I hear "BARGAIN!":

Fashion so cheap it made us cry:

I'm so old that you can call me vintage:

We said YES to the dress:

It was 35 €, of course we said yes:

This is your perfect Tinder profile picture 
with a headline "Single and ready to mingle":

Her royal highness Queen Bargain Hunter III:

Shopping mall chill made us feel eleven again:

Ian is like a hedgehog –
spiky outside, sweet inside:

That moment when you have not pooped for 7 days:

Christian school gave her the ability to walk on water:

I try to lose weight by doing nothing:

Sexy wet girls:

Meet Ants, 
he likes long walks on the beach and loves to blame others for his own farts:

More hugs, less drugs:

Modern white family with a slave in the kitchen:

We met Naomi Campbell at the local store
and she was a total trendsetter: 

Don't want to go back to Tallinn:

We will be close forever 4ever, because we know way too much about each other:

Back in Tallinn I brushed my hair and put on my dancing shoes:


How to spend the most holy day of the year?
Of course at a drag show:

caps lock excited:

The night was full of sexy and I stayed up waaayyyy past my bedtime.
What an amazing finale for Ian's birthday week:

Even 12 years ago we were back against back:

See you at Christmas, honey!

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