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Thursday, March 31, 2011

And now something completely different

Before I fly away to the North Pole for my vacation, I take the time off and show you something that I have collected years and years out. Pictures that scream (to me) "Save as!" Maybe you like them too.

category: Trashion

I can't resist ikebana:

IKEA lamp (buy now, get the girl for free):

Don't care, who Patrizia is:

Red lips and ridiculously big classes:

Evil troll:

In a Fantasy land far far away, this should look like me:

If you have a bad-hair day then put on a box hat to cover your faults:

These women went to Estonia for the first time and saw how much snow there was:

Tip of the day "Never shower with your glasses and make up on":

Cow and Chicken's mother:

Krasivaja trussiki:

Did she forget something?:

Searching for a pimple:

Farmer on her lunch break:

MUPO - The Parking Controller:

She just loves Guns N' Roses:

Acid trip:

Batman's mistress:

Secret life of Selma and Patty:



The tit is showing her the way:
The things you can do when using hair-gel:

She just found out what Angry Dragon means:

Take it off:

Double bubbles:

Flower hat:

Mind trick:

My kind of bath:

Anu Saagim's PJs:

More bling. MOOOOREEE:

Swedish girls, say no more:

Me on my way to the shop:

These are the right glasses for a night club. You can't see a thing, but everyone can see you:

You just need 10 km of fabric:

category: Chloe

No words needed. I'm a junkie:

Category: Disco

One of the most interesting CD covers:

My album cover in the future:

Cassette had a bad day:
Category: Smoke

I do not smoke myself, but I find it beautiful on picture.

I made this myself. Ester is a beautiful girl:

Even if she dies 10 years earlier because of smoking, she is going to do that with class:

I wish I had a reason to buy a cigarette holder. That's hot:

Things NOT to do - smoke in bed:

Andy Warhol had Edie Sedwick
to give him a little sidekick:

Category: Love (a lova lova)

Did they take timer picture?:

My friends are all around the world so one can say that there's love everywhere:

Finnish girlfriend and Russian boyfriend (their parents did not approve):

My credit card has the same picture. "Not money, only love":


The Animal Instinct:

Even our watches stick together:

Cigarette breath, but he still loves her:

More sugar, Sugar?:

Category: Wilma Circus

The inspiration for this blog. Wilma is from Flintstones and Circus comes from...:

I miss Gröna Lund:

I adore when children don't have front teeth:

More fun while peeing:

And we're off:

Category: Silly Random


Yoda in WWI:

New attraction in Disney World:

My home to be:

Batman in the UK:

Mama was a penguin and papa was a dog:

Me having my disco nap:

Category: Words


It takes so little:

Motivating children.
Yes, you can. YES, you can:

Oh shiiit:

How I miss Õ and å:

Category: Graphic Design

Colgate commercial:

Adidas commercial:

Oh, this is how it works!:

Pickles mmmmmm:

One very very lonely calorie:

Uuuush this was long. Over and out


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Wilma Circus said...

your keyboard is broken

Regina said...

p2ris uhke kollektsioon, I like :)