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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mister 20

Why have I been quiet for a long time? I have been planning a surprise birthday party for my mister and yesterday hard work paid off. He was clueless and happy.

Total amount that I spent in the kitchen - 8hours.
"Puss and kram":

I have asthma, but still managed to fill balloons and survive:

Happy and nervous before Kaur came home:

Ott from Birmingham came, yay:

After spending 5 hours in the studio, he came.

Make a wish and start your 30 therapy:

I have a boyfriend who is older than me:

I am a lean mean hugging machine:

Know your place and never lose your cup:


He came to show how life works in Birmingham:

All our friends in UK on one picture:


After this picture was made I literally tried to walk through the street light. Ouch:

Fun we had. Food we had. Drinks we had:

Boy power:

We even had friends from Amsterdam:

Our balcony door was wide open and everybody could feel the joy:

Right party animal brings her own music:

Bought a Topshop dress from eBay for this special party.
Best 1£ I have ever spent:

This is what he ate:

Six is the number of love.

Mouth was full of brownies:

Stranger in the night:

Sleeping beauty:

Morning chill:

mission accomplished.


regina said...

eriti nunnud olete!
endiselt kade, et seal olla ei saanud :)

Ian said...

someone won best girlfriend of the year award!