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Sunday, March 06, 2011


One week from now I have the right to brag about dating an older man. Whoa! The birthday week is on and that is why yesterday we went to Bluewater - a shopping centre bigger than some airports.

Attention! Smashing news. Our duo family has a new member Edgar the Mouse. It lives behind the washing machine and prefers sausage over cheese. Picture below has no connection with Edgar. LUCKILY Edgar is not that big and sweet:

"We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. Thanks to our childish minds and Disney store we are six forever" whispered Stitch into Kaur's ear:

Never mind that it is not my birthday, I would still gladly accept this gift:

Only two-three boring clothes shops and we were back on the exciting side. If LEGO store is not heaven, then what is??:

Tiny army:

If you eat this, you will shit bricks:

A mix of fun and art in only one brick. These bricks are like sweets, you buy this by weight:

A galaxy far far away there was a planet called LEGO:

Piece by piece is how I build a bridge:

We arrived at Hipstershire:

I see monkey's face which is covered with a palm leaf:

My Hercule Poirot:

Please, would you be so kind and help me? My mister wished this for his birthday. Can you help me to deliver this to Rochester or maybe I could borrow your gun, because rather than pee my pants at 3AM on my way to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, I would kill myself right away, before this horror movie gets to my living room.

Double decker myspace mirror angle - check:

Hello, look what I ate. Look, I drink weird green weeds:

The fastest gun in Texas with my new hat:


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