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Friday, March 04, 2011


My best friend is Karl.

He is the person who hugs me even if I am wearing a hideous scarf (he also has one) :

First time on a trolley bus.
He did not know if a trolley bus has chairs in it, so he took his own:

He is studying chemistry at university, regardless of his passion for theatre.
He has played several interesting roles:

That girl has a shit wig:

Our theatre school Christmas parties. It is about holiday and spending it with your dearest.
Sense? This picture makes none:

President of a club named "Never-ending nights and miserable mornings":

Karl is famous for dancing well, but walking badly:

Dance like nobody is watching:

We have done amazing roles together.
1. Father and her daughter from Middle Ages:

2. A penguin politician and a penguin slut:

 Cute as a button:

Forget umbrellas. He is the cure for Rainy Days:

I have tons of pictures where we are drinking in the corner

"U not like Anne Veski? Me no like U!":

The cheaper it is, the better it tastes. Time when Walter had not been born yet:

You can cover it but you can't hide.
The head-sponsor for Sovetskoje Zolotoje and Liviko:

Oma passipilt on sulle paras:

He once gave up drinking, it was the worst 8hours of his life:

Every breath is a victory:

Even if he is going to hell, he is the most beautiful person inside and out:

Once we made a pact that we will start our own channel called...(waaaait for it)...TV! Brilliant!
Until then we spy behind the enemy lines:

Well, Karl is beautiful, but his hands aren't.
This is my nightmare - to have his hands:

Taller than a tower and lighter than a feather:

We have travelled together there and back. "ки-нг-исeерр" read Karl (with a heavy Russian accent) from the first train station sign on our way to Moscow. Kingisepp juhei!:

Mama, mama! Ja otsen vesjolaja. Vodka u sigaretiki njeee dengi. Prazdnikkk:

Karl after Anne Veski concert:

As I said, he is taller than most of the people:

Being Karl is the best excuse not to be boring:

Do you think when party is over and taxi is coming then it is the best time to stop drinking? Oh-so-wrong! More. More. More.:

Good morning, what's cooking, good-looking?
(his glasses have been broken 2478 times, but nothing that SuperAttack couldn't fix)

He rents an apartment in Tartu and I think the owner will not want it back:

I wish that there would be more people like Karl. Actually no:

When we are old we are like The Golden Girls:

Big impact among ladies

Karl has a good taste of style.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

My gentleman of honour at my wedding and a best buddy 4eva:

Karl, well respected man:

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