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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Me and royal wedding

This is how I wish my grandchildren would see these pictures:

Bank holiday:

The front of the Buckingham palace:

...and loads of babies:

Watching the screens in Hyde Park:

A little princess:

Piccadilly street was for pedestrians:

Souvenir sellers were owning the day:

Houses were like greeting cards:

Trying to find Harry:

Look children, mummy was there:

Animal instinct:

When they kissed:

I hate Tesco. It hunts you everywhere:

Us and the Tesco lad:

The royal family call upon people to wear hats:

Biggest festival:

The whole city/country/world was in Union Jack:

The Mall - road to Buckingham palace:

Married with the country:

When they kissed it felt like I was having my first kiss:

Hamley's - joy anno 1760

Zenit and me:


Anonymous said...


regina said...

lovely pictures!!

E said...

Nii nii lahe postitus ja üritas ise ka loomulikult. Üldse su blogi on huvitav ja ilus, olen väga õnnelik, et leidsin selle! :)

Wilma Circus said...

Issand, suur aitäh.