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Sunday, August 21, 2011


We are getting more and more fun out of summer in Estonia. Before some of us fly back to the UK and others say hello to the uni, we took the time off and visited my cottage in Kehra.

Carrot went to a gym and came back like this:

Something completely different from Polish Priit:

Making o-nom-nomm:

Sunscreen will take you wherever you want:

Frisbee - it's WONDERFUL! (the photographer has captured my super throw position):

Boys fixed my Röku (motorbike/bone-shaker) and we all were speeding like loonies. 
High speed requires proper equipment:

Marks his territory:

"Video games ruined my life. Good I have two extra lives." Keep calm and ride on:

The fast and the furious:

Someone found my granny's favourite glasses:

A new day has come and we have not stopped playing frisbee:

Meanwhile the water-system broke down and we sent the brightest mind down to the well:

Frisbee was satisfying, but we needed new adventures. 
Potato bags + granny's clothesline = professional volleyball field:

I'm like really really really happy. Can you blame me?:

Serious wine sipping volleyball player is serious:

Facebook chat, MSN, Skype - none of these beat kitchen window chat:

I wanted to see where it takes me:

Yard Woman 300:

Frisbee saga continues - now with three, this is moderate level:

Jedi force - come to papa:

Kehra Konsum is for the win:

We played a lot and we enjoyed every second of it, but the morning after our muscles were on a strike:

Ladies, who never go to sauna (me included), but we did it two days in a row!:

When we weren't doing sports, we were keeping our minds sharp:

Later on he damaged his leg so much that it was painful to walk and it went as big as a balloon, I was ready to go to the emergency room, but no need for that. He is a survivor:

Water was so still that it worked as a perfect mirror:

Decision was made: it was too quiet here. *ultimate splash*:

Why swim, when you can walk:

If I was a boat than he would be my engine:

There's a few meters of water below me, if this goes upside down I'm screwed:

The little house in the prairie:

Our volleyball field looks like fishermen drying out fishing nets:

We had a bed outside, very mõnna:

Evil much?

The morning of the 20th of august, the game continues and the flag is watching over:

Four-legged Laura:

What is there not to like?:


Gii said...

oh kuidas ma igatsen seda ideaalset kohta

Wilma Circus said...

To-do list on vaja panna: mõisa taga kummikutega suitsu teha

vilja said...

Nii tahaks ka sinuga koos seal tsillida!