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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Kuru Krill

This weekend I spent in Kuru, where an electronic music festival was held. The best words to describe it was C H I L L and F U N (spell it out loud!).
I was way too naive to think that there's a pause between days, like ordinary festivals have - party until morning and then start again in the afternoon. But in Kuru the beat went on non-stop!:

Welcome to the festival. First things first, let's build a house (total mind-fuck task):

Tanel is filling his bed with air, but here he doesn't know that few hours from know he is way too tired to teleport himself to his tent and has a powernap on a field:

Still happy because her feet are dry, yet later on...:

I am sitting in the bedroom and he is in the kitchen:

As you may remember, last Wednesday was my friends Hippie themed birthday party. Because of that I'm still wearing a headband and giving a peace sign (it's hard to get out of the role)

Listening music outdoors contrary to clubs, is oh-so-lovely. There's no horny sweaty people and air lack thereof, it is absolutely fabulous. (I just spoke James Blake language):

Even the stars were giving love and the earth sent us polar lights:

When you're lost in the middle of a field and there's nobody who can help you, here's a tiny festival model. You are never lost in Kuru:

We found a perfect place to sit down:

1.the gnarwal14 up, 4 down
having a double matress bed and puting your penis between them
dont desturb me while im cleaning my room im doing the gnarwal

The right festival has a bucket loads of mushroom baskets:

The art of watching the sunset, then between a little bass and beat and then again comes the sun:

The weather was nice but you can fight the nature. The first night our feet were soaked with dew and of course I left my proper wellingtons at home. So we drove to Märjamaa to hunt some wellies:

Second hand for the win:

I have nothing witty to say:

The biggest fan of Allone and Espirit:

Triin is sad:

Triin is happy:

Reggie is happy too:

The guy thought that he is in a bar and tried to order one beer:

Your Woodstock is over, hippies. Go to Kuru instead:

We have PETA's permission to dance with a dolphin:

Later on he gave it to me. Ooo Mmm Gggg:

Just sad that my girlfriend got really wasted and ran around naked until the police came.
Between you and me, she is a real alcoholic:

Hungry people need fire to cook Mivinas:


If you don't have this luxury...

...your feet will become like this:

I'm too tired to open Paint and draw lasers coming out of his eyes:

Where we are, the frisbee is (even if you don't see it. Nice sky btw):

A girl:

They dried their shoes, but were still sad because the campfire was in the middle of the field and leaving it meant crossing wet grass. FML moment:

My mister had to pick up one artist from the airport so I had the honour to spend more time with him. Neveready makes chill music and is a whoa! person:

Kuru mobile. The link between stages and tents full of alcohol/goods:

Tanel dried his feet and became tired of walking in the water. Why not, let's get crazy:

The beat made us zombies:

Picture it: fire, friends, forest and massive tune:

Another morning. This mister in his PJ forgot his performance and went to sleep. Shit happens:

Three days were enough. I desperately needed shower and a soft bed:

Demolishing the house:

Tudimonster. Next year again:

Ossid olid Airport Jamil, Hipsterid olid šnapsil. Meie olime Kurul. That's how life works.

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