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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Supah Zummah

I have a little summing-up to do, got some pictures back from the summer. Long story short - it has been one of most amazing time of my life. 

It would be more reasonable to start from the beginning.

Midsummer's eve. Two friends of mine and I didn't have any room in the car that was heading to Jäneda, so we took the train to Kehra and waited someone to pick us up. Here you can see the troublemaker fabric:

On that day we finally arrived to Jäneda, there we some lovely people:

I like stuff and I adore Ti Amo:

We danced well, but we walked badly, we did this without spilling any alcohol:

Usual patrol while a friend is in the toilet:

Others went fishing, we just sat there and did absolutely nothing. When they came to take us to the fishing spot, the police stopped our driver for speeding. It was one funny incident, as the tallest one was sleeping in the trunk. Also, as soon as we saw the police, we let go from the alcohol in our hands even though there was no need. My pulse had the highest bpm in this summer:

Now the next event - the day after Royal Circus birthday party. Lights were still on and I had changed my outfit to more comfortable:

Of course we had not stopped drinking and while climbing down from the stairs we yet again did not spill any alcohol:       

A very big frying pan and guests from Sweden, England and Mustamäe:

The Master Clown at your service, must say that he had the best costume of the party:

Truly, we are getting old, we are eating way more than we drink:

It took me a while to understand this picture, we are so blent in with each-other so it's hard to tell where one ends and other begins. Talk about two becoming a one Quasimodo:

The guests were leaving and I was not impressed by who was left behind:

This summer I even went to the zoo. Whoa:

When snowbanks are higher than my house, I got one consolation - these pictures:

After the zoo we went to the cinema and I just sat there for 2hours without seeing the subtitles and understanding French. Who needs glasses, when you got a cool bicycle:

Now comes Kuru Krill, the music festival.
Maša at the kitchen peeling potatoes:

The music festival, millions of people gone wild...oh wait...:

Look at this girlfriend. She was living in Amsterdam, but now she is sharing a room with my Loora in London. FML, because I'm staying in Tallinn while they all are elsewhere:

Just look and say no more:

Cookies and kossid:

Second summer hand-in-hand:

My mister is playing and his biggest fan is watching:

That fan-boy came to me and said that's Espirit who is playing and that he absolutely loves one of his songs. I  responded that I already know him well "Espirit is my boyfriend." he was truly impressed and gave me this dolphin:

I have a little butt instead my chin:

The fastest guns in Texas:

Our awkward threesome:

To Triin Loosaar with love.

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