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Sunday, November 06, 2011

French Fries and the devil alcohol

It was Friday and my Mister managed to get an invitation to a secret party with French Fries (omg) performing. As I'm broke (I bought a Christmas present for that special someone. Good surprise coming up) I thought that drawing the curtain on my birthday alcohol was a good idea. No. No, it was not. Some of you don't know that my relationship status with alcohol used to be "married", yet now it's "complicated". Why do people drink when they feel like dying the next day? Am I getting old?

All my problems started with vodka not tasting well (yes, I have changed), so I forced it in. How to do Eastern Europe glamour? : go on a random doorstep and imagine it's a bar (alcohol may not be in the original bottle):

Did you know Tallinn is turning into London? There are so many British blokes here - meet Ashley from South-London. "Let's do a fashion picture. You stand there and I crawl down like a monkey," he said. Very Vogue.

Finally we were standing at the French Fries queue. It took time, so the "Speed racing team" was definitely in the wrong place: 

New sound-system in Estonia. Whatevz, once you go Boiler Room, you'll never go back: 

We moved on to a next party:

"We are animals" party and Liinu took it seriously:

Beyonce makes people happy 
(a special note to Ms.Uljata: the time has come when Lisete has become 18!): 

Puppies want to come out for a walk:

The love was everywhere. Cute couple. Just met. Kiss-kiss. Bang-bang:

The Powerpuff Girls
 (a little funny episode from that evening: we had to go to the bar called XX century and I yelled at the street "Where is XX century?" - "It's so yesterday, darling")

I just discovered a new "bodybuilder pose". Who am I kidding, no muscles there:

I have a thing for DJs:

Look at this blouse connection: 

Had to hold my head, because it was spinning away:

I came. Once:

That bird is like: " WTF drunk girls, you're not even in the picture. Stupid":

There's not much to say, only that you won't understand art that theater people do. At least there's one girl who is enjoying it:

We ignored gravity who's such a heartless bitch:


Later, the morning was mocking me really bad. It continued until Sunday.
 Here you can see how I had my walk of shame to home:


Ian said...

Your new pose is called "The Lady GaGa" just sayin´ . Oh and you could have totally slept here

Wilma Circus said...

I have a great support team. Love

regina said...

Minu arust see briti tüüp on rohkem nagu spidermani poosis.
Aga looking hot and dangerous Wilma!

Wilma Circus said...

Järgmine päev olin kole, ohutu ja pohmas. But göörlfriend!