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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Together again

On Saturday was Together time again. Good that we went, because we were only ones there. 
Instead of Together it should be called Half of Them Are in England.

Before the event we sat down at Fish and Wine. 
"Act rich" face:

A girl that prefers hot chocolate to alcohol (rather clever):

We were accompanied by Samuel's damoiselle and her friend:

The amount of crowd made her laugh:

There's not much to say really, we enjoyed every minute of it:

Sad girlfriends are sad, when boyfriend lives in England: 

The troller-coaster:

Krõõt is a girl that doesn't take "No!" for an answer. She can kick!

It was cold and the baby was scary:

We had a tinkle:

Not sure:

They were fighting all the time, but they made up. Thank God!:

Just ignoring the boy:

Tyra Banks smize:

Socially awkward penguin at a party harassed by bullies: 

Finally we were all friends again. We had too much bitch-flakes for breakfast, now it's over:

And now back to Friday when the big football match was held...:

...OBVS we lost:


Anonymous said...

i sense that you have a thing for boys with glasses that are black-rimmed

Wilma Circus said...

Wrong. I have a thing for a boy who doesn't have glasses.