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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vintage Tallinn + the days

I have a truly annoying friend who hits me when I close my blog. Also, she doesn't let me sit alone at home and drags me out for fresh air. Cross! 

The days go by with timer pics in the hallway:

I'm growing my hair until my boobs are covered. Let's see the result in about two years from now:

"Mutant Disko for sho" (I. thought it was Monster Disko):

Now comes Vintage Tallinn:

Despite the flower pattern rehab I'm having, I still like it:

Some people have a serious sailor men addiction:

Triin is pissed because all the prices would make sense in kroon, yet not in juuros:

pyjamas, problem?

At least the toilet is near by:

Trucker edition:

The power of the armpit:

The only Jil Sander that you can find in Estonia is old and three sizes too small:

Several times people have told me that I look like Mary Poppins. So I like flying nanny style? So?

Oy, Triin. Please, make this for me:

Nice rack: 

From us to Reggie with love:

A ja ljubljuu muzõka, panimaješ?

Triin is holding it so elegantly: 

We like warm and fluffy. We live in the North.:

I saw these shoes, I asked "Excuse me, may I take a picture?", she said yes, and a second later I was crawling down on the floor like a horny cat:


Even the tiniest need to be pretty: 

The rehab is not going that well:

The real pimps have a real ride:

"The vintage" is nice, but you must be ready that your clothes might hunt you down.
 Me at the age of 16 and a lady at Vintage Tallinn:

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