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Sunday, January 08, 2012

1922 a.k.a. history students having fun

As you know I'm studying history at the uni (totes of fun btw). My first exams are just around the corner, so I decided to round up a small study-group. The idea turned into a costume party - we historians live in the past -  so the year 1922 suited well.  

My glamorous 1922 slippers (high heels would have killed the living room floor):

Overnight the black ground was covered with 10cm snow:

Feather - check. Pearls - check. Black lips - check:

A beautiful lady ready to dance her booty off: 

"You may touch my leg" - "Oh, glorious day" = 1922 porn:

Family picture:

Hello, this is Kaur. Loves sunsets, walking on the beach and Lada cars. Also this  is so him:

Actually we were not the only ones there, but there's no pictures to prove it:

Kaur is the pimp with his biaatches:

The Blonde Power Girls:

Triin's face is like "No, really? you covered the flash with your finger?! How stupid is that?"

The party is a real success when you think the Christmas trees is a friend of yours:

Grethel is happy and Kaur can't explain that:

We took 1922 and brought it to 1962:

I got these suspenders for Christmas, what a lucky coincidence: 

Bitches love dressing up:

When others left we drank wine and danced our legs off to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2S1I_ien6A. SO MUCH FUN!:


Thank you for the lovely evening. 


regina said...

Love the sunglasses darling!!

Wilma Circus said...

Suur pai sulle.

regina said...