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Friday, January 27, 2012

Cheap and chic LDN.

 I'm living my champagne lifestyle with a Mõmmi lemonade budget, so it means everything I do must go without money. Luckily all the main museums in London are free. Rocks, dresses, dinosaurs and other historical gadgets - I've seen them all. Be prepared!

 Chloé is still my biggest dream, but now I can only afford to wank outside the store. Feels like "Pretty women" a.k.a. too poor to be served, one day I will return with my doggie who poops cash:

First stop was National History Museum. I've always skipped it alongside with V&A, because I thought they were more boring than British and Science museum. I was soooo wrong:

This all comes from nature(!). The second one is carved out of ivory:


For you, green person. It didn't smell or anything:

Scary beasts:

Well, that was the end of that day. We also went shopping, I bought Fred this:

I absolutely love taking a bus instead of tube in London. Gladly I'm fortunate enough to have that spare  time to do so (buses are ten times slower than tubes). They say that when tube breaks down, londoners don't know how to walk from one place to another.
The City, near Liverpool street:

Scenery at Soho:

As it was the Chinese New Year on the 23th of January, we went to China Town to celebrate it. Happy Dragon year!:

The scenery in Soho continues + Beyond Retro:

I've been living in a lie! I thought that British museum was the ultimate history museum in LDN, but V&A is. No mass of tourist, just a lot of wow:

Epic relationship win - we have been together a long time, but he is still secretly checking my boobs:

I have nothing witty to say:

There was also a theatre room. Seems it was all my favs together in one museum:

In the end my legs were dead from walking:

Beautiful Arabic wall from Middle Ages:

I love him so much and it breaks my heart that I have to leave him again (cool story bro):


vilja said...

you look cute

Wilma Circus said...


Anonymous said...

what what, why do you have to leave him again?

Wilma Circus said...

Long distant relationshit works that way. On Monday my term at university starts, so I have to fly back to Eastern-Europe.