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Sunday, June 17, 2012

☂ ☁

Without a hesitation we decided in a nanosecond: we're going to move out from our apartment. My Mister has the last year at uni and he is going to rent a single room instead. This good idea means we have to pack together shit that we have collected these past two years. Today I was so so brave and threw out my Vagabond and Topshop shoes, let alone two bag-full of clothes. Old ones out, new ones in. 

Rest of the clothes I'm taking to a second hand shop and few items that I found pretty decent shall be listed on eBay. 

Still, we have tonnes of stuff we aren't throwing away, mainly books. Maybe someone could drive here from Estonia and take our things back to Eastern Europe. Nice Eurotrip you would have...think about it. 

England just won a match at Euro 2012 and all the skanks and chavs are screaming outside. I often hear them outside, how someone has slept with the wrong man's bitch. This is so refreshing after a long uni year.

BUY MY CLOTHES PLEASE, they need a new owner (some of them are for men)

Just now he's learning German sitting next to me. He sounds very angry  "Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän"
Here he is like "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" , 1-2-3 lift off:

My dad gave me a new camera and I'm desperately trying to find a use for it. Here I'm trying to imagine that I'm in San Francisco:

How to trick people that you can smize? Just look at the bright sun. Having a leg ache comes also in handy:

Castle. Church. Pretty cool that I, historian live in Historic Rochester

The one thing I miss the most is nature, especially forest. Park is like masturbating and forest is like the real sex:

Don't let this picture fool you, it's really cold here. It feels like early spring or something like that:

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