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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The weather today was far too awesome to stay in,  so we agreed to take a two hour long walk around the town. The final outcome was us having a little close-up photo-shoot at home, just to show you all my pores and wrinkles.
I must change my blog name to "Wilma looking at things", because today that is all you see. 

Looking at a lamp:

If I would be any kind of a fashion maker, I would go nuts in this fabric store:

See this face, it has no intentions what so ever to read any book in the near future. "Jersey Shore" and "Teen Moms" is how I'm going to kill my IQ this summer:

Embrace yourselves, the flower pictures are coming:

"To the castle, I say!"

This hair show off is pitiful, like a year ago I decided that I'm going to grow my hair. Really?! I mean really?! Should I get those nasty extensions. No, I would rather die. 

The face is like I smelled poop:

The water is more dirty than a muddy prostitute:

There's more hills behind the hills:

Vegetarians turn away, because I had a barbecue chicken baguette. 
My face afterwards - pricelessly messy:

Did you embrace yourselves?:

As I walked up my heart started to race and I couldn't breathe. 21 and my body loves me:

Moms walking with their babies. I really want to punch those mamas, who smoke while their holding their baby. Y U PUSHED THAT THING OUT OF UR VAGAGA?!

Bridge, yes it is:

One hunky matching with the leaves:

All you get is a half of the smile, I'm just that lazy:

Flowers again, can't help myself:

Doggy, doggy
clean your poopy.
#crappy owner problems:

We live here toight as a toiger:

This is one flag in rags:

This is the real thing, the real hippy van:

You know that you're in the UK, when milk is in plastic bottles (and is more sweet, because of the extra sugar):

Never-ending housing, auuu-uuu-uuu-uuu-uuu:

Q10 in need. Looking at the curtains:

 Looking at the candle:

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