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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This far so good

Today I'm taking over the castle and we are finally alone in this apartment. Beware - don't come to visit, I'll be running around naked. Rest of my life is still the same, which means I'm desperately looking for a job. It's not that easy in a small place like Medway. So today I went career hunting in Maidstone. I handed out CVs with a big smile and a face that said "take me!".

The first picture with me on it, because maybe some of you have doubts about my whereabouts. Pudding lane it is:

Most adorable thing is that Estonia has better weather than we have. The irony of life:

As I was waiting my Mister, something inside of me said "Take a picture of this grey massive building". So I did. I don't no why.

I want to earn tonnes of money and put it on my Lloyds account, because they have this super awesome night safe:

This year it's very in to look like a spaniel. Maybe you see it, maybe you don't:

Hire me, damn you!

Well, you see a train here, but actually I wanted to capture that cute puppy. Fuck trains:

Fast noodles isn't all I eat, sometimes I put a little extra £1.50 in to treat my unemployed self:

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