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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Back in the UK

So on Friday I quietly left Estonia and came back to Rochester. I met some funny girls on the airplane, it was their first time flying. Super cute.
The whole weekend me and my Mister have been staying in, despite the major Jubilee celebrations and the Field Day. Whatevz, because it's actually nice to see your boyfriend in real life, rather than via Skype. 

The view is shit, but flowers, candles and the bath melts are cushioning the blow:

We rearranged the furniture. 
Yes, when you reach a certain level in a relationship, then you don't have sex, but you like to change the interior together:

The special wall. (T-Lo if you see this, know that your pictures are soon to be added):

The fiercest cook  on the block:

Few differences between England and Estonia:
1.The one way train ticket costs more than monthly ticket in Tallinn
2.There are more pregnant teenagers in sweatpants here
3. No kohuke or other items containing kohupiim. Instead we have Gooseberry Fool (yummy x 100)
4. So much more people here! The peak hour tube is hell.
5.Cheap and beautiful clothes are everywhere and eBay is so much closer (I'm going loco)
6.Drugs are cheap. I bet that chav standing there could sell you some.
7. Music scene is fan-tas-tic (can't wait to start working so I could start going to London every weekend)
8. Ella, Erik and Laura live here.

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