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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reggie is back and wöörk

A little flashback to Thursday evening, when I arranged a party at home, but unfortunately I was working until midnight. When I arrived the vodka was ready and sauna was hot. I slept about hour and a half before going to work 07:30 in the morning. I didn't have a beauty sleep - monster sleep to the max. 
Few days later Reggie came back to Estonia.

Some are kissing, some are drinking, some are talking:

My colourful friend Reggie and boys yesterday evening:

It has been ages since I was at Hell Hunt. Not such a "It" place anymore. But girls are happy:

You can see her from a long distance:

Then a guy came. We thought that he was Mr.TaaraCollect, but he just sat down and said that his book came out that day and he was celebrating. He didn't  fancy  taara. He was one interesting man with a lot of poems on his mind. He knew little funny facts about the world. His book "Tagasitulek" should be interesting to read. Hell Hunt- vana hea

Happy feet:

Can't pee without a glam shot at the toilet:

Reggie is back. Summer is on. Positivus soon. Work much? Money much? Sexy boyfriend. Funny friends. All good.

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