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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lovely summer day (Suuster love)

When you have a day off, then the loveliest way to celebrate it, is to be with your friends. Especially when one of your sweetest friends is back from Liverpool, only for 4 days, but still. 
This is how my day went:

1.First of all we drove to the centrum:

2.We started gathering friends and the first meeting place was the Danish King's Garden:

3.Then we opened a few bottles:

4.More friends arrived. Two beauties:

5.If a girl is that nice, then you can make thousands of pictures:

6.The next stop was the roof of Linnahall. On our way there was a tivoli:

7.We just kept on walking:

8. We managed to find few more friends:

9.Here is a close-up:

10.And then came Harri:

11.We had energetic conservation with gestures:

12.The scenery was oh-so-amazing:

13. Silhouette of Tallinn: 

14.Sad puppy is sad. Her other half was in Liverpool:

15.The girl WORKed the hair:

16.We had company:

17.Felt like 12 again, drinking on the roof of Linnahall:

18.There are  no left-overs:

19.I was also there:

20.Drinking good old Karoliina:


22.Boyfriend crab:

23. A historian and an architect:

24.Toiletpaper art:

25.Next stop - Kalasadam:

26.We were on a sinking boat:

27.Hot mama:

28.Sam came by and Laura liked it:

29.More and more people came:

30.It was very romantic:

31.We had chairs and everything:

32.Boys were amused:

33.We had a party mobile. Fast lap:

34.Sam being natural and all:

35.Happy people. Chill:

36.Surprise visitor:

37.Damn those musicians, can't leave their instruments at home: 

38.Proper beach party:


40.DJ playing beats:

42.This is the light of Iphone and there was Erik. He was in our hearts:

43.Good night it was:

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