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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

London again

After moving out we headed to London. We met up with Ella. Had a little drinky. 
You know, same old.

Our journey began with Charing X and this lovely phone-booth:

Next stop St. Paul's. It felt like hell - you're down under and it's very hot:

The mandatory double-decker picture:

They might as well change it into Mad House:

This is a musical genius:

"I don't have a headache. I only have this fake smile":

 The phone-booth art is everywhere:

Streets are happy:

I have this ordinary rapist coat, I don't mind showing off: 

Monki is a-must-be:

The new Monki store is a blessing:

Tokyo streetstyle:

Regent street had an Estonian flag. Olympic games, here we come: 

It was half past six:

Not so boring thermos:

The bicycle was just mind-blowing:

Enough with the crowd and the big city. We went to Ella's place:

She has the right tools near bed:

She has the right shoe by her bed:

1.I tried those shoes on and it was a disaster:

2.I'm so amazed that I'm standing up: 

3.Finally ready to pose:


Big tunes bring sparkle in his eyes:

Big vol brings sparkle to my eyes:

The coolest shirt ever. And the tits are pretty real:

The headpiece is like wowza!:

Ella knows how to smize, but Kaur is thinking about it:

The swagger is ON!:

Happy people, you have a problem with that?

Few blocks away, still happy. Problem?

Ella just visited Estonia after year and a half. She was this amazed how much they drink over there:

The party with massive beats like "Kill that Bitch":

Purple party people:

Trying to be very sexy while searching my straw:

Our outgoing look:

The place had the loveliest garden:

We met an Irish guy who spoke few Estonian words:

Ella is not that impressed by MTV:

On our way back home. This is a masterpiece:

London Love

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