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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Friends Together - Koorekiht 2012

Last year I had a big birthday party, mainly because I wanted to see all my dearest friend in a one place all together. Most of them are studying/living abroad so it's quite hard arrange a celebration - it's possible only once a year. 
This year the party was quite small and I remember it clearly, but it was fun-fun-fun
Thank you all for coming. Next year again.

It was raining, but we had good punch to keep us happy:

Warm fireplace and thoughtful people:

I always have special guests from abroad:

Natural beauties:

Something is happening on a table, so they stood up from respect:

Dave seriously thought that he is big and strong:

Nice tit-save:

Having a normal conversation, when others were running around naked:

Buntings that I bought from my trip to Amsterdam in April:

There's the sound of my shoes:

How happy can you be? Not happy enough!:

Hi, there!:

And even Ott was smiling:

And now us together:

Dave wants something:

Melissa can pose, boys can't:

Triin came with a new super-sassy haircut, WOW!:

Viru and friends:

Chill near the fireplace:

Sam is like: "Whoa, salad!", Krõõt is like "Iuu":

Pärna is enjoying the party to the max:

How many people can we fit in a one room? A lot!:

Another picture, so Karl could be there with Heinz:

Inke and boys:

P R O S K A:

Me and the boys:

Friend in a need is a friend indeed:

Me and my favourite two boys. Kaur is sleeping tho:

Party art:

Dave is crabbing my boyfriend:


Hardcore rain and happy buntings:

Good old naked bodies:

The morning after - me, hammock and warm cider 

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