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Saturday, August 25, 2012

So You Think You Have What It Takes To Become 22?!

One very lovely and funny lady became one year older and it was worth celebrating (so the birthday mania continues):

First of all, before the party we went to KuMu. Our intellectual minds needed some charging, so just look at these four pictures and move on:

That's where the intellectual part ends and good old primitive part begins
KuMu -- NoKu:

The Queen of the Night:

We have come a long way from drinking secretly some shitty cheap booze under a bush. Now the champagne is overflowing:

 "Over 80 ways to BAKE yourself happy":

 Yummy yummy and drinky drinky:

Yay, me with the star. What a honour!:

 It was almost ladies night:

As I understood then this is a flute that has an interesting story. Trammi and her friend are giving it to each other when it's their birthday, so there's no stress what to buy as a present:

When a friend brings you L.V., then you know it's a good friend:


Before we went on to EKKM, we left with a bang - Karl's speech:

"There's one woman and that's Trammi":

Alright, now EKKM, actually we came in, sat on a bench and drank all night without moving. So we bought a 4€ chair to sit on.
And now I present these sluts and their life in picture:

Karl is out-shined:

Boys had a steamy conversation:

Mister got the chance to sit next to the Queen of the Night:

And Ingmar wanted to join in:

Karl had to pee:

Don't worry, Batman is coming to save you:

"Whattt do you meeeaaan??!"

"I'm cute, take me home"


Minutes before we sat on a taxi:

While waiting a taxi, I found this:
 LONG LIVE Trammi!

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