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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Karl 22 "Septembris saame kaineks"

Some people impatiently wait Christmas. Not me. Every year my celebration peak is my best friend's birthday. This year there's a lot to celebrate, because summer and khm lavakas (not that big thing than summer, but still) It maybe come as a shock, how primitive we are, but that's the beauty of life. 
By the way, we are, like, very intelligent people. Books are cool.

Proper party needs proper sound system:

The girl had a bit alcohol on her skirt, but they licked it off (not trying to sound dirty or anything):


This picture makes no sense what so ever:

I'm so old face:

I'm so pretty face:

Just imagine ABBA - "SOS" screaming in the background:

There's no time to explain, I'm becoming one with the world:

I'm loving how Karl's mother is cracking up:

He has a secret:

Us being sexual:

Us being drunk:

Let's stand for the national anthem:

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