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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ott 21. Long live longboarding.

It took me a long time to compose and upload this event, but nevertheless here it is. 
The story is about my special friend Ott, who has a birthday on a very special day and he had a special party on that day with special friends and he received a special gift.

Ott's special dog Pärrimoor:

Ott has special little helpers, who made this heavenly food:

Special living-room with friends warming up:

Special girls talking about hookers:

Special birthday boy:

Very special trio:

Very special drinks, cheers:

Very special joy:

This is a special bottle opener:

Happy special smokers:

Very special joke (probably about Forrest Gump):

Everybody's smiling, but he had a special angry-face:

I wish I had a time-machine, so I could go back and eat that special cake again:

Not just Tortillas, but special ones:

Special boys:

Special surprise:

Ott is worth more than a book (1€), so we all gave him a special gift,
long live Ott and his longboard:

Next day we were testing the longboard, despite the special weather:

It was so cool, that it made you feel special inside:

Ott has pretty special road near his house. Perfect!:

I was extremely special, so I needed help riding it:

We made a small break from longboarding and went to play pingpong. Nothing special there, just fun: 

Epp is like born to ride, she looks special. 

Special mines (wait, what?):

Specially cool:

Special book:

You know that it has been a good party, when you stayed until the next evening and could have stayed even longer. Happy birthday, Ott. Now we move on to Stockholm. byebye.

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