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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

IKEA, filmjölk, ABBA and shitloads of lovely people.

 The last post was the final one that I had to write in extremes conditions, while stealing internet. I have my own now (!), which should mean that Skype is my best friend, but actually no. I've become such good friends with people around me, especially my neighbours on the sixth floor. First I was like cocky by saying "6th floor is the coolest" and now I can really say - it's the truth. We have an open-door-policy, we don't sit behind lock doors and we have family dinners every day 7pm. Others know that if they are bored, they should probably check the 6th floor and what's happening there. 
It's all good with friends and the apartment, but I don't have any lessons at uni in September. Weird, much? Hopefully everything works out just fine. 

 The weirdest and the most random trio. East meets west and south:

 Before preparing for the dark cold winter, the weather gave us the last days of sunshine and warmth:

We found a nice background, but didn't find any place to put camera on timer. So here you are, me with Daniele...

...and now quick switch. Me and Sven:

Typical Swedish house. Can't even tell, that we were walking around in the rich neighbourhood:

Just standing there with my ears being red or something:

Me and Sven are trying to outshine Daniele and he is just creeping there;

Sven hates everything - sun, water and happy people. Not very impressed:

But he likes me! WIN:

This duckling came to say hello and ask where are we all from:

 Hej! Erasmus student at the beach:

Beaches are hard to find in Stockholm:

He studied in Hong Kong and all he got was this towel:

Sometimes Sven is owning it:

 I'm one of the guys:

Whaaat do you want?

My German friend without legs:

My new wallpaper pictures, this makes me happy:

And they made it:

At Lidingö we have Lidingöbana (others can't pronounce it and the say Bluebanana). It's like tram/train from the '50s. We are loving it, because it's clean and it's cute:

See you all soon.


Malin Aurora said...

Åh så härliga bilder!

Wilma Circus said...

Tack, du gjorde mig glad!