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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kids having fun.

Now I'm a bit sad, because I sent my Mister back to England and my good friend Daniele to Lapland. It's really quiet around here, surely you can't even tell that this is a student house. Actually there's a great opportunity to kill the silence today- Spanish people are testing their loudspeakers. Let's be prepared.
Let's now sum up the previous days.

If you buy a longer period ticket, there's not only metro, bus, tram and train you can use, but also boats. Despite the fact that I can't swim and I'm scared of boats, it actually is a pretty nice opportunity:

Södermalm and its vintage clothes stores. Please forgive me that I have captured only this retro madness. I'm hipster enough not to be that mainstream:

Usual Sunday - me taking a walk and choosing the house I would like to live in:

Or this one?

My room here is utterly girly and just female to the max. SO it really needed a boy balance:

British cuisine booth:

French cuisine booth:

Air here is not polluted at all, so my lungs feel sick. It's so green and clean everywhere, fuh:

I was brave enough to make a myspace angle:


More houses, important houses:

Afterwards we went to this bakery and did something truly Swedish:

We bought a cake and had a picnic in the woods:

Milk and yummy;

Feels like home:

Also we picked some mushrooms and I'm going to eat them today. What a saving!


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