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Sunday, September 30, 2012

When the ceiling is falling and the Earth is moving

Sweden has some weird effects on me. I tend to be happy and I am not at all into academic work. The last clause is not completely my fault, I just haven't had any lectures yet (can't wait though!). I know, I know - as a result everybody's teasing me and my idle weeks. What I am being up to, you ask? Actually I don't have a good answer for you, I just enjoy every second here.
Posts here, sadly, reflect only my weekends. I like to party, I like to drink, but actually I'm a sweet girl, who likes unicorns and rainbows. Trust!

 Let's start with Thursday and me going out to my friend's place. I have to say that I'm not picky when it comes to alcohol, but some things are just better than others. And here is one example of "NII ILUS!":

The day after that my neighbour was holding my hand and helped me to come back from the dead. 
We look energetic and happy:

As I still had a hangover on Friday night, I just knew that there's only one thing that helps - you have to fight fire with fire. So I did. We ended up having a sauna party that included us running around naked (almost) outside:

The next day was so much easier for my body. Daniele had a friend visiting from London, so we went sight-seeing. Walking really slowly, taking a lot of pictures, annoying other people - we didn't care, we were tourists:

Daniele's posh camera had an empty battery, so we used my wasted upside-down camera that never fails to serve me:

Photographer had a shaky hand that day:

I need this to be in my apartment, just to freak people out:

Saturday night we went to Strand and it was a big disappointment. So we went to Marie Laveau, which tends to be our rebound. Don't get me wrong, we like it there, but we really need to find new places:

I think Daniele is trying to ask if his friend would like to have a threesome:

My muscles are hurting today. That means I worked(!) hard on the dance-floor:

"We're the only ones here! Wohoo!":

"Stooooop! Oh, you!"

Sexy hair move:

My party ninjas:

Karolina is the master of dance-floor:

Me trying to rescue my friends "Ruuuuuuuuuuun for your lives, the ceiling is falling down. I will hold it until you all are safe!":

"Aiiiaiaiaiaiaiiaiaiiii" - he likes it:

bus can swim!

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