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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Lidingö people out

Living without internet is hard, but everything else is quite easy. Actually I've done quite a bit without taking any pictures, because there are new people around me, who are not used to me putting camera in their faces. Yesterday we went out and headed to Marie Laveau. I have proof, take a look.

Monika from Poland is in love already:

 Italiano Daniele - not running around with spaghetti and doesn't like me taking pictures:

Germans are a lot happier - you can't even imagine how many Germans there are here. Zuuuupah!:

When Lidingö people are together, then there's a lot of emotions:

...och jag ska plugga på svenska. Chill:

Believe me, we have had nice weather, but I don't know what happened now. Too wet:

Marie Laveau - open for business:

Lovely pet:

Georgia, Germany, Denmark:

We, Eastern Europeans are not used to with expensive alcohol. Monika Is feeling the taste of money:

It was all about networking:

Still networking:

Life cheat-code nr.39 - use a condom (redditors understand):


"These boots are made for walking":

We were loving it:


I think they liked it too:


Lasers we trust:

The one and only drink I had. Got it for free, couldn't say no:

Wake me up before we go-go.

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