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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sponsored by Marie Laveau.

As it was again Friday and my Mister came to Sweden to visit me (!), then we couldn't just stay home. Everything started with our usual family dinner, this time with piles of pancakes. 
We had the plan to visit Debaser, but it seems like all roads in Stockholm lead to Marie Laveau. I doubt if I will ever see other places in this town. Nevertheless it was a good night.

When your stomach is filled with delicious food, it's hard not to be happy:

Icelandic girl Anna talked about specialties in her homeland. Italian and Austrian guys were a bit surprised by Viking tradition:

Almost suspicious look:

You know that you are at M.L. when your hair starts to move its own.

I can just say that everything was OK;

He is seldom around, but when he is, I feel like ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-juh-hu-huiiiiiiiii:

When-people-see-me-dancing face:

"Aaaaaaa...", and lady in he backround is doing "Ffffffff...."

Me and Chloe like to be on a picture together:

Like a drunken lady did these braids:

Quentin is not that impressed:

Georg felt sleepy:

Luciano was definitely not sleepy:

Animals escaped from the zoo:

We were feeling the beat:

"You want to go home, are you crazy?":

I'm his burden, but I won't let go:

Let's sit down and enjoy this beer:

Also Ott came to dance with us:

You can just tell, who is from Eastern Europe:

Natural smiles:

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