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Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm still, I'm still an animal

As I am enjoying a massive hangover today, I thought it would be nice to look back on something warm and lovely, like Christmas and reptiles. Yes, yes, I'm the freak, who gets pleasure out of going to terrariums and looking at those slimy little (some are not that little) sausages. This Christmas we went to Skansen, an open-air museum with a mini zoo. Very nice childhood memories and an interesting way to spend your Christmas.

Look, mama. An old house and me:

iPhone 6 outdoor edition with Siri:

Old-school mobile :

I want to lick it:

I don't want to lick that:

Typical Swedish souvenir - expensive as hell:


Yes, you probably get the picture by now where I live:

The original Monki:

Am I the only one who remembers one Estonian pop band from the '90s?: 

"You cannot see me, man":

Hangover lizard - I can relate today:

After Christmas feast you just want to sleep under your stone:

Necklace winter 2012:

The turtle does not give a single fuck:

It wanted to eat me:

Me and the tree and he and the tree. And and and.:

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